Traditional Textile

Omi, east area of Shiga prefecture has always been famous for high quality Hemp and Ramie industries since 15th century, Hemp and Ramie was used as tribute gifts for the Shoguns. There are two types of textile always used in Japan. And Ramie. Though Hemp was thought to be lower in the quality and used as a wonderful quality products with the high quality Hemp and techniques. Many manufacturing processes have changed and many shops have closed up during the industrial revolution Our Ramie textile "Omi-Jofu" This technique is that we are dye the string itself not text text. "Oshi-nasen" and "Kushi- oshi-nasen" Is still made by human hands today.


Traditional Technique -natural resource-

Omi has global standard quality textile industries. "Lake Biwa" The greatest lake in Japan is located in Omi. It is thought that the Ramie manufacturing in Omi is located in the best place in Japan so "Lake Biwa" Produces great amount of water. Omi has many types of textile, techniques and experiences to manufacture the fine products.


Omi Ramie

Omi has traditional dyeing techniques, the best processing techniques, and the fine water, which are the Omi Rami possible. East area of Shiga is one rare place in Japan, where everything for the ramie industry lies, we make the product that can "Omi-No-Asa" and "Omi-Chijimi" by following the tradition, we sell the fine ramie and Hemp products.


workshop & shop

Experience and Learning

we have a Rami patch, we take the fiber from choma called 'Ohiki, and make yarn called' Teum. After that we weave the yarn into traditional devices, 'Tenbin - Koshibata, and' Takabata, we demonstrate this process and You can try it. You can also learn the history of Omi Ramie. You can get an insight look of the Omi Ramie.

Ramie and Hemp shop -Fine materials for you -

Natural Ramie textile feels very nice and cool on skin. It has been everyone 's favorite for long time. The Ramie and Hemp shop has clothes, bedclothes, kitchen cloths, toys and etc. It also has traditional Japanese goods like Kimono and Noren (curtain), we want more people to experience about the Wonderful Ramie and Hemp textile. The Ramie and Hemp shop also has original creations made by artists, we have high quality textile and yarn that you can only get at the Ramie and Hemp shop.



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